Business Partner :

Bioscience is committed to your success in marketing and selling generic drugs in Thailand territory. Being our business partner enables you to launch your products easily. We offer full marketing services to facilitate your business practice, including patent checking, product registration, logistics and liaison, custom clearing and handling, marketing and distribution, product promotion and sales, etc.


Packages of Service:

• Patent Checking

• Product Identification

• Product Registration

• Logistics and Liaison

• Customs Clearance and Handling

• Marketing and Distribution

• Product Promotion and Sales

• Marketing Intelligence

• Warehousing

• Invoicing and Collection

• Remittance to Principals

• Human Resources

• General Matters

• Business Plan Proposals


Current Partner :

• Dabur Pharma Limited

We are continuously expanding our business to other areas of generic drugs marketing and looking out for partners from over the world. If you are interested in joining us or need more details, please contact,

Company : Bioscience Co., Ltd.

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